March 27-29 2020

Registration will open up in late 2019! Stay Tuned for Details!
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Colorado Aerial Arts Summit
March 29 - 31, 2019
Boulder Circus Center

Here you can find the information on the individual workshops being offered at the First EVER Colorado Aerial Arts Summit. You’ll see the title of the workshop along with the instructor(s). Then you’ll see the main apparatus for the class and the levels, as well as the day, time, and room where that workshop will be held. Click on the package or individual workshop for additional information and the “add to cart” button to purchase.

You can register for the workshops individually or purchase one of the packages that includes a discount and extras!

Who is this for? Ages 14 - Adult who have at least 3 months of aerial arts experience. Please read the descriptions carefully to make sure that you have the pre-requisites that the instructor requires to participate.

Here are some helpful definitions to know when picking your workshops:
ALL LEVELS - to attend this First EVER Colorado Aerial Arts Summit, we highly recommend that you have an absolute minimum of 3 months of aerial experience, can easily get on & off aerial apparatus, can invert, and know the basic vocabulary of at least 1 discipline.
INTERMEDIATE + - this level assumes you have at least 1 year experience on at least 1 apparatus, can easily invert, climb, and be in the air for at least 2 minutes, and know how to keep yourself safe & know your strengths as well as your limits.
ADVANCED + - To participate in this level, we assume that you have at least 2 years of aerial experience, ideally on a variety of apparatus. You may simply be an advanced recreational student at your local studio, or a semi-pro or professional performer &/or instructor. More complete pre-requisites for each class are generally listed in the workshop description. If in doubt, please reach out to the instructor. There should be a link to their social media in their bio section.

Location: All workshops are at the Boulder Circus Center, 4747 N 26th St, Boulder CO 80301
TH - Theatre side of the main studio, 18’ high
AC - Aerial Corridor side of the main studio, 20’, 23’ & 26’ high
UP - Upstairs Trixie Room, 14’ & 16’ high

This is the SOLD OUT LIST:
If you register for one of these, you will be PUT ON THE WAITLIST!

As Of 2/12/19
#1 UP Friday 230p-4p Silks to Straps - Katie Mesmerie Brunner
#3 TH Saturday 10a-1130a Outside of the Box- Aerial Cube! - Cressie Mae & Sarah Dawn
#3 AC Saturday 10a-1130a Corde-Nation - Jocelynn Rudig
#4 AC Saturday 12-130p Research & Destroy - Lisa Natoli
#4 UP Saturday 12-130p Theatricality for Circus Artists - Grace Ramsey
#5 AC Saturday 230p-4p Big Ceilings, Big Drops - Jill Katzenberger
#5 UP Saturday 230p-4p Rigging for Aerialists - Mike Payne
#6 TH Saturday 430p-6p Rebekah’s Favorite Sling Sequences - Rebekah Leach
#6 UP Saturday 430p-6p Aerial Silks Bread & Butter - Janelle (Dinosaurs) Peters
7 AC Sunday 10a-1130a Geeking Out on Transitions - Elizabeth Smith
#7 TH Sunday 10a-1130a Swing, Spin, Orbit - Megan Cattau
#8 AC Sunday 12p-130p Creating Unique Duo Silks - Liz Smith & Wil Fields
#9 TH Sunday 230p-4p The Ups & Downs of Counterweight - Emmy & Travis Moon