Oversplits! - Grace Ramsey

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Oversplits! - Grace Ramsey



This workshop has prerequisites: students must have square, flat splits on the floor and a flat straddle, as well as a flat pancake stretch. IN this intermediate to advanced class, we will focus on developing active and passive flexibility for over split skills. This workshop will cover stretches and isometric exercises to build strength and endurance as well as confidence. We will work on oversplit with front, back, and both legs elevated as well as overstraddle and over pancake, followed up with standing skills to challenge active flexibility. Students must wear fitted bottoms, no baggy yoga pants, bootcut, harem pants, or skirts. Legwarmers are recommended. Hair must be up and away from the face. Students should also bring a yoga mat, two tall blocks (preferably foam) and a foam roller if they have one.
PRE-REQUISITE: Students must have a flat split on both sides, and a straddle within 3” of the floor.
Observers not allowed.

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I started my training as a circus artist in June 2009, when I was 18 years old. I began with aerial silks, and two years later picked up hoop, and in 2014 further specialized in Lollipop Lyra and began my training in Mongolian contortion. I have held contracts all over the world, including ones for Celebrity Cruises, Cedar Fairs, and Insomniac Events. I have worked single events as well as longer engagements, and I have studied under some of the best instructors in aerial and contortion in the country. I primarily teach contortion because the demand is there, and I was lucky enough to learn under some of the best coaches in the United States. They have provided tremendous insight and guidance that I am happy to pass along to my own students. I specialize in private and semi-private instruction, as they do, but I do host weekly flexibility classes at Circus Collective in Denver and Rockstar Pole Fitness in Thornton.

PHOTO/VIDEO POLICY: Photos allowed, NO Video


Instagram: secretagentblaire