Swing, Spin, & Orbit - Megan Cattau

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Swing, Spin, & Orbit - Megan Cattau


SUNDAY 10-1130 TH
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This class is all about moving the equipment through space! We’ll focus on technique for swinging, spinning, and orbiting (i.e., coning/circling) on the lyra and dance trapeze. We’ll emphasize how you can use your body functionally to control the direction of your swing and how powerful it is, keep your spin centered (or to let it go), make your orbits fluid and dynamic, etc. It’s also going to be loads of fun!

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Megan Cattau has choreographed, performed, and taught extensively in the US and abroad, working primarily under the aerial dance project Flight Collaborative, of which she is a co-founder and co-director. In teaching, Megan focuses on movement quality and effort, body mechanics, and musicality to empower students to create seamless sequencing and transitions, to find unique and surprising pathways between positions in the air, and to tell their own stories that are content-rich and emotionally compelling. Megan met her first love, the low-flying trapeze, at Canopy Studio in Athens, GA in 2002 working with Susan Murphy, who remains a deep inspiration. At Canopy, Megan was a member of the Repertory Company, taught aerial dance, and served as the business manager and then assistant director. She founded the aerial dance program at Durham School for Ballet and the Performing Arts (formerly Legacy Studios) in Durham, NC, and has worked in NYC as an aerial dance instructor at Circus Warehouse as well as a core member of Constellation Moving Company. Megan is currently with Frequent Flyers as an aerial dance instructor, the Student Company Director, and a member of the Professional Company.

Megan’s photo & video policy for this workshop:
We will reserve some time at the end of the workshop to try what we have learned, and you are welcome to video during that time.

IG: @flightcollaborative 
FB: https://www.facebook.com/FlightCollaborative