Geeking Out on Transitions - Elizabeth Smith

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Geeking Out on Transitions - Elizabeth Smith


SUNDAY 10am-1130am AC
(SOLD OUT! as of Feb 8)

The specific moves may ground an act and flesh it out, but the way you weave them together is what makes it magical – and crafting sequences that ooze into each other without any obvious beginning or end is one of the most endlessly fun activities in aerial work. We’ll spend this workshop geeking out over transitional moments, and you’ll leave with heads full of suggestions and ideas about connecting movements and turning your transitions into smooth ninja maneuvers or tiny little works of art.

This workshop is geared toward intermediate and advanced aerialists, although advanced beginners who can invert and stay in the air for at least two minutes are also welcome

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Liz fell in love with circus after seeing her first aerial performance at a traveling circus, started it herself 9 years ago never expecting how much it would take over her life, and has never looked back. Her first aerial love is silks, but she occasionally indulges in torrid affairs with rope, lyra, trapoop, and various and sundry standard and invented apparatuses. She loves collecting and sharing skills from a variety of people, programs and cities, finding new ways to combine them, and using her technical background to dissect moves and help students troubleshoot and fine tune their aerial work.


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