Create Your Own Aerial Theory - Rebekah Leach

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Create Your Own Aerial Theory - Rebekah Leach



Bring paper and pencil as you will learn how to sketch out your own web of connections in aerial theory land. Rebekah Leach is known for her charts and webs of transitions, and she will be here to help you create your own. It will be a fun time of exploring and personalizing aerial theory to suit your own interests and style. 

Apparatuses Available for this class: Sling, Silks, Dance Trapeze, or Hoop

Must have several years of experience with aerial in general and be in intermediate-advanced aerialists with significant vocabulary base in at least one of the 4 listed apparatuses.  
When signing up for this workshop, please send us your apparatus of choice or be surprised with one!

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Founder of Born to Fly™ Productions (AerialDancing,com), and AerialWorks Castle Rock, Rebekah wears many hats in the aerial industry. Her background in dance (ballet, modern, hip hop, and salsa to name a few), rhythmic gymnastics, and math education informs her unique aerial curriculum. Rebekah's has developed a beginning and intermediate curriculum focused on theory and solving problems, so students truly understand the apparatus. She has written 12 manuals for the aerial industry and continues to write more. Her goal is to train people to be innovators. She is passionate about helping people connect to their own bodies, integrate the body with the mind, and find one's own dance.