Creating Unique Duo Silks - Liz Smith & Wil Fields

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Creating Unique Duo Silks - Liz Smith & Wil Fields


SUNDAY 12-130 AC

This workshop will quickly review the basics of partnering, both basing and flying, and walk you through some non-verbal communication exercises, tips and tricks to help keep both performers safe.  We’ll then move on to a couple of partnering moves you almost certainly haven’t seen, as well as give you tips, tools, and exercises for working with a partner to come up with more unique creations of your own.  It will explore some different basing positions, and also some ideas for moving beyond a simple base/flyer mindset. 

This workshop is geared toward intermediate and advanced aerialists, although advanced beginners who can invert and stay in the air for at least two minutes are also welcome.  We’ll start with some partnering basics and exercises that will be geared toward different levels of partnering expertise.

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Wil Fields: Wil has been performing in some way for nearly all his life but feel in love with aerial arts in 2012. From there he focused all his attention into performing in the air. He has performed with several different companies and has learned something new from all of them. He is excited to share his favorite type of aerial silks with this workshop.

Liz Smith: Liz fell in love with circus after seeing her first aerial performance at a traveling circus, started it herself 9 years ago never expecting how much it would take over her life, and has never looked back. Her first aerial love is silks, but she occasionally indulges in torrid affairs with rope, lyra, trapoop, and various and sundry standard and invented apparatuses. She loves collecting and sharing skills from a variety of people, programs and cities, finding new ways to combine them, and using her technical background to dissect moves and help students troubleshoot and fine tune their aerial work.

PHOTO/VIDEO POLICY: Filming is ok of themselves, filming Wil & Liz demonstrating will be restricted